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Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl - Hresvelgr=Ater Plastic Model Kit

Kotobukiya's spin-off series "Frame Arms Girl" is based on their original robot "Frame Arms". The latest model is of "Hresvelgr=Ater"!
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Kotobukiya's spin-off series "Frame Arms Girl" is based on their original robot contents "Frame Arms". The latest model is of "Hresvelgr=Ater"!
Frame Arms Hresvelgr=Ater, designed by Tomotake Kinoshita, has been turned into a figure based on the bishoujo illustration by Eiji Komatsu!

You can enjoy 3 different modes thanks to the Frame Arms style transformation system.

Product specifications:
-The clear parts, which are Hresvelgr's main characteristic, are recreated with polarized plating.
-Ater's characteristic large weapon "beryl smasher" is included. Extra arm rack parts to support the weapon have been added.
-Since the wing parts become the new weapon "beryl smasher", the flying silhouette is also new.
-It can be transformed into 3 forms: regular form, sidewinder form, air bike form.
-Newly designed blond twin-tails are included. 2 types of hair clippers are included: like in the illustration, and a lighter version.
-4 types of face parts are included. Except for the non-printed face, they are all newly sculpted. (The types are: regular face looking left, fearless face looking right, hurt face looking forward, face without tampo printing)
-3 types of expressions are already pre-painted on the faces, therefore you can obtain a product close to the package image by just assembling it.
-Decals for the distinctive line patterns, the eyes, the expressions etc. are included.
-Thanks to the pull-out joint in the shoulder and the articulated axis of the upper arm, the model has wide posability.
-The slide type articulation in the hip joint further improves the posability.
-The wrists feature articulated ball joints, making it possible to put them in many different poses.
-5 types (both available in left & right versions) of PVC hands are included. The hands and joints are interchangeable with other products of the Frame Arms Girl series.
-The "MB-42R flying base" is included.
-2 types of grips compatible with 3mm diameter are included.
-By exchanging some parts it's possible to recreate the normal body version.
-The 3mm diameter holes in the arms and feet are compatible with the weapons of existing products of the M.S.G series and Frame Arms series.
-The tail-shaped part on the back of the waist can also be used as a cannon when held by the model's hand.
The blade parts on the left and right side of the tail-shaped part can be removed and used as handheld weapons.

What is "Frame Arms Girl"?
Frame Arms Girl is a Bishoujo-fied spin-off series of Kotobukiya's original robot content "Frame Arms".
Kit parts are color mold made and face parts are preprinted, and the kit can be completed even without any paint job. The item features 3mm diameters big holes and weapon parts of "MSG weapon unit series" and other Frame Arms items can be attached.

Sculptor: Yasutomo Shimizu
FA mecha design: Tomotake Kinoshita
FA Girl design: Eiji Komatsu

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Additional Information

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