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 Pre-Order Important Information!

  • Product release date, price and size specifications as well as other items are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
  • Our release date might differ to the release date in Japan, please consider shipping duration for our products to arrive from the warehouse.
  • Prices of pre-order items are subject to change from those initially planned; this is due to currency and shipping rates. 
  • Please note that supply quantity is also subject to change without notice by the manufacturer. In such instances your order quantity may be reduced or order cancelled in entirety.
  • Please choose carefully as cancellation on pre-order items will heavily

Due to limited time available for place Pre-Order, make sure to Pre-order as soon as you can because it's easily missed. We can't guarantee for any Order placed after the deadline date, please contact us for more information.

Q: Do I require putting any sort of deposit to secure my order?

A: Yes, Our Pre-order 25% minimum deposit from the total order.

Q: How do I pay the outstanding amount?

A: 2 weeks prior item is arrived in Australia, we will send a PayPal invoice for the remaining 75%.

Q: Why is this pre-order item marked as Sold Out?

A: Items are marked as Sold Out if we are unable to accept new orders for that item. We are unfortunately unable to accept orders in excess of the quantity our store expects to receive. Once all available pre-order slots are filled, the item will be marked as Sold Out and we will not be able to accept new orders for it.

Q: What is a Tentative Pre-order?

A: Pre-order items whose availability is still uncertain may be marked as "Tentative pre-order." These items are generally produced in limited quantities and as such require additional confirmation with regards to availability. We will inform customers as soon as possible to confirm whether or not we are able to procure stock of these items for their order

Q: How do I place Pre-Order?

A: When you about to place a Pre-Order on our website, It will have an option as below.

You will need to tick one of the option (HIGHLY recommend to choose 25% for deposit), this will automatically adjust the price to the minimum required for the deposit.

Item that you Pre-Order will be labelled as 25% deposit for Pre-Order on both Cart page and Checkout page. Example as below

Let us know if you have any question regarding this system! you can either call us or email to sales@japantoys.com.au